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Designing for Las Vegas, from Indianapolis

Latest Work

Feel free to browse my latest work. I try to keep a diverse portfolio that features web, video, logo, and general design projects.


Web Design

I was designing sites before the web became mobile. I love doing it even more since the web has become mobile friendly.

Graphic Design

One of the reason I got into design was my love for creating logos. It’s still one of my favorite aspects of design.

UX Design

More and more companies are hiring User Experience designers to enhance their products’ usefulness and desirability.

Video Editing

I first edited video before it was done digitally. Thankfully the process has become much easier.


My experience goes back to being a hourly manager at a restaurant, and managing teaching assistants.

Brand Strategy

Branding is one of my favorite things about design, whether it’s developing companies or studying how other’s have done it.

500+ Digital Ads Designed
70+ Web Pages Designed
150+ Happy Clients
1000+ Mountain Dews Consumed

The Design Process

The backbone for decision making
in the design process.
Communicating with users
is key to a quality product .
Often starting in a sketch book,
this process depends on the project.
The culmination of hard work
after approval has been made.


Working with Brent was a great experience. He delivered everything that was promised, and in a timely manner.

Tom Adler - Colliers International

Brent is very creative and enjoys the challenge of the job. If something is not working, he finds a way to get it to work. He has a can-do attitude!

Mary Moran - KLAS-TV (CBS)

Brent was great. We had several needs, and he was always easy to get a hold of, and we were able to communicate throughout the whole process.

Jake Keck - Rock Church

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