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CompanyEnergy Avenue
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Energy Avenue was a company that had been around for 30 years when I first arrived there, but they were brand new to the e-commerce space. At the time they didn't have a responsive mobile site. They also wanted to implement a weekly e-blast featuring promo codes, create package inserts and landing pages, improve their branding, and were sitting on hundreds of products in their warehouses that they hadn't put up on their site.

More importantly, our User Experience was poor. I was able to improve this through improvements in the checkout process. UX also improved in the rearrangement of the site's categories, which resulted in improved faceted search.

Energy Avenue Design System

My last big project for EA was a design system. At the time I had never created one from scratch, so it involved a lot of research.

Energy Avenue landing page

Information Architecture

The site was a bit of a wreck when I first arrived at Energy Avenue, particularly the navigation/arrangement of products. I did a complete overhaul making items easier to locate. It was during this time where you ask yourself things like, if it's OK to have products in multiple locations and categories. Does this help or confuse the customer?

Energy Avenue email blast

Book handouts for conventions

The longer I was worked at Energy Avenue, the more promotional materials I was able to create. It's not often I got an opportunity to create print elements, but I did get to do just that from time to time

Card handout for a trip to Guam

Packing slips

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